soapwench: (waayt!  hugz befo u go?)
soapwench ([personal profile] soapwench) wrote2010-04-10 10:34 am
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it was a meatloaf day yesterday

For taking in the rain when I'm feeling so dry
For giving me the answers when I'm asking you why
And my oh my
For that
I thank you

For taking in the sun when I feel so cold
For giving me a child when my body is old
And don't you know
For that I need you

For coming to my room when you know I'm alone
For finding me a highway, for driving me home
And you got to know
For that
I serve you

For pulling me away when I'm starting to fall
For revving me up when I'm starting to stall
And all in all
For that
I want you

For taking and for giving and for playing the game
For praying for my future in the days that remain
Oh Lord
For that
I hold you
Ah, but most of all
For crying out loud
For that
I love you

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